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Who says choosing invitations is the easiest part of wedding planning?

Confirm the date: Start by setting the wedding date. Book a location for the ceremony and the reception. Remember to pay the deposit or rental fees. Some of the most commonly asked questions you will hear after your engagement are "When's the big day?" and "Where is it?". You cannot announce the “When” and “Where” to your family and friends until you have a guarantee that the site you selected will be available on your wedding day.

Made to Order: Experts suggest ordering your invitations at least six months before the wedding. Start looking at invitation styles at least one month earlier, seven months before the big day. Like wedding gowns, there are countless invitation styles to choose from. You and your partner should select a style that celebrates your unique personalities, as well as reflects the formality, color scheme, or theme of your wedding ceremony. Cost Per Invitation: Most couples spend 1 to 2 percent of their entire wedding budget on invitations. There are a variety of styles and colors from which to choose. The more elaborate the design – the more money you will pay. Prices start at about 50 cents (each) and can reach as high as $15 per invite. Make each invitation count. Browse through samples. Experiment with colors, inks, and envelopes. With a little creativity, your invitations will be a treat for guests to read.

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