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Honeymoon Checklist


As your wedding day draws near, you may soon realize that the only thing more romantic than your special day, is your special vacation for two. Here is a checklist to help ensure it will be perfect.

Six Months Prior to Departure

__ Discuss the type of honeymoon you each want, whether it is cruising, enjoying a city tour, backpacking across Europe, or lounging at a tropical resort

__ Set a budget including airfare, ground transportation, accommodations, food and beverage, sightseeing trips, entertainment, tips, and shopping

__ Visit a travel agent and begin to research destinations

Five Months Prior to Departure

__ Finalize your honeymoon destination with your travel agent, and be sure to ask about special honeymooner discounts or packages

__ If you decide to make your own reservations, research hotels, airline and car rental companies

Three Months Prior to Departure

__ Be sure all necessary deposits are paid with reservations

__ Keep a record of confirmation numbers and itineraries, as well as the telephone numbers of your travel agent and all accommodations

__ If you have purchased airline tickets, confirm seat assignments

__ Verify what official travel documents are required for your destination, such as visas or passports

Two Months Prior to Departure

__ Add needed items such as luggage, adapter, or beach towels to your registry

__ Verify inoculation requirements for the country you will be visiting

__ Begin listing items you will want to pack

One Month Prior to Departure

__ Buy luggage, sunglasses, camera, film, and batteries

__ Make sure all credit cards are up-to-date

__ Make a copy of travel itinerary with all phone numbers to leave with someone in case of emergency

__ Finalize list of items for packing including clothes, toiletries, and accessories

One Week Prior to Departure

__ Purchase travelers checks

__ If you will be using a foreign currency for your honeymoon, exchange at least enough to get you from the airport to your hotel.

__ Pack all medication in your carry-on bag as well as a change of clothes

__ Reconfirm all reservations

__ Pack clothes in luggage

Day of Departure

__ Be sure you have your money and travel documents such as passports, confirmations, itineraries, or airline tickets in your carry-on bag

__ Reconfirm your flight schedule before you leave home, many times there are last-minute changes

__ Arrive at the airport early to accommodate long lines and security check points

Upon Arrival

__ Relax

__ Have a wonderful and romantic honeymoon!

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